You are in the right place. About 14 Months ago I introduced a new habit into my life. In retrospect, it was so easy to implement, it makes me think about other habits I wanted to have but eventually abandoned every quickly. Why did this one form itself practically on its own. It was on the brink to New Years Eve, I think I stumbled upon a video by Tai Lopez where he said he reads a book a day. I kept coming back to the fact, that a lot of interesting and inspiring people read a lot of non-fiction books. Another one was Ryan Holiday. When I read it was mainly books I wanted to read from job-perspective – to get better at my job. Fiction was never my cup of tea. It bored my after 100 pages, which is a shame because there are a lot of good books out there.

Anyway, since thenI had probably one short period of time where I did not read. I remember it because at that time I was getting tired of reading and not getting anywhere with it. It certainly wasn’t the books I read, they were really good. It was me who lacked the execution that should follow the knowledge gained from the books.

It’s been awhile and I’ve read over 30 books in 2015. Not a book a day but still a good number and I read 98% of my books cover to cover. For 2016 I want to read one book per week. Follow me on Goodreads for a reading challenge.

But without further ado, let’s get to the books that had the power to change the way I think and the way I live my life. In case I remember where I got the inspiration, I will give credit to the person who did! I owe them a lot for their inspiration and the content they put out.

With the following in mind, here my must-read-list…


It doesn’t matter which book you read, what IS important is the book the last one leads you to

Books everybody must read

  1. The Unthered Soul by Micheal A. Singer – Special Thx to James Altucher!!!
  2. So Good They Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport
  3. Meditations by Marcus Aurelius – Thx to Ryan Holiday
  4. Shortness of Life by Seneca – Thx to Maria Popova
  5. Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
  6. A brief history of time by Stephen Hawking – Thx to Tai Lopez
  7. When I Stop Talking You’ll Know I’m Dead by Jerry Weintraub – Thx to Tai Lopez
  8. Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon

So many books from that list helped my to put things into perspective. I recommend that you start with books about stoic philosophy, Marcus Aurelius and Seneca where one of great thinkers of the stoics and their writings have echoed through the ages and are still as valuable as back then.